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Anita’s Theatre is the most historic and largest performing arts venue of the Illawarra region, in the idyllic location of Thirroul, New South Wales. Anita’s Theatre has a seating capacity of 820 and general admission capacity of 1,200.

Originally known as King’s Theatre, the venue has enjoyed a rich history, operating at times, as a movie cinema, a roller-skating rink and a space for live entertainment. Anita’s Theatre continues its legacy, hosting world class international and domestic live entertainment, comedy acts, the performing arts and more.

Venue Hire

For venue availabilities please contact us on: or +61 3 8632 2178

Please do not call this number for general venue or ticketing enquiries - Please call the venue on 02 8240 2275.

Venue Hiring Costs

To receive our commercial hiring costs please email: and include the following information:

  • Event name or type of event
  • Ticket price/s - including any VIP prices and approximately how many tickets in each category (see Venue Capacity below).
  • Artist/s performing.
  • Style of audience ie. families, male 35+.
  • Anticipated size of audience (how many tickets are you aiming to sell).
  • Estimated running times.

With this information we will be able to provide you with a quote for costs.

Venue Hiring Costs - Schools & Community Groups in the Illawarra Region.

Please contact

  • All tickets must be sold via Ticketmaster, we do not issue tickets on consignment or allow agents or third parties to on sell tickets.
  • Ticketing fees are not negotiable.
  • Hirers must use Anita’s Theatre ushers and security, including for merchandise sales.
  • If an event hasn’t sold enough tickets to cover costs via Ticketmaster the promoter/hirer will be required to pay all estimated costs prior to the event (staff, security, cleaning, electricity etc) as will the audio and lighting company.
  • Anita’s Theatre may conduct a risk assessment prior to accepting a pencil booking and/or hiring agreement.

Anita's Theatre has a seating capacity of 820 and general admission capacity of 1,200. 

264-270 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Thirroul NSW 2515

A variety of live entertainment, including live music (rock, pop, blues, roots, rnb, country) plus comedy, opera, ballet, kid’s shows, school concerts and community concerts.

Anita's Theatre has an exclusive ticketing agreement with Ticketmaster. All tickets for all events must be purchased through Ticketmaster. Anita's Theatre does not allow promoters to sell their own tickets or use brokers or third parties to sell tickets.

Anita's Theatre engages Pro Sound and Lighting to provide audio and lighting. For Anita's Theatre Technical Specifications and audio and lighting package options, please contact us at -

For venue availabilities and bookings please contact us at